October Poetry Challenge: some favourite imaginative poems

Imagine a world without imagination” (!)
Loving these poems written by imaginative Kiwi kids.

Poetry Box

… I am bit late posting these as I have in bed with a sore throat …

What a lot of fun you had using your imaginations – to get them sizzling and bouncing and popping in poems. Sometimes the poems made me laugh out loud. But imaginative poems can also be thoughtful, show you different ways of seeing the world. Invent worlds. Imagine how other people do things.

I couldn’t post all the amazing poems – so here is a selection of some I enjoyed.

I am sending a copy of The Letterbox Cat to Oscar and to the class at Greenhithe School.

Do try my last challenge of the year that I am posting tomorrow.

I posted Daniel’s poem first as I loved the way he imagined a world with no imagination!

Without Imagination

Imagine a world

Without imagination

There would be no inventions


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2 thoughts on “October Poetry Challenge: some favourite imaginative poems

    • M, I love you! At this very moment, I’m shaking with fear and sadness as we’re looking at one last state standing between a miracle and the unthinkable. In life in general up until this week (our rat passed away a couple of days ago), I was pretty great. Teaching is pretty great. Aotearoa is pretty great. Miss you heaps. So glad you’re doing the poetry project and raising aware, confident, compassionate, brilliant kids. America sure needs them. *whatever a fear emoji would be* Love love, hope hope.

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