LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The Rise of Veganism

Hurray for one of my co-counsellors at youth activist camp who just got a letter to the editor published! She explores the question, “So why is veganism so popular with the younger crowd?” The answer to why someone would leave vegan is going to be different for each person. When kids (or adults) ask me why I’m vegan, it’s a simple answer (one of the very few questions I do have a simple answer for!): I live a vegan lifestyle (not a diet) because I don’t believe anyone else’s body is mine to take. I’ve recently come across this brilliant article that I’d also suggest reading after reading Claire’s letter to the editor. ❤ in love and solidarity always. http://i.stuff.co.nz/life-style/life/83820068/i-dont-eat-meat-because-im-a-feminist

Claire writes extensively about health and environmental impacts, and continues: “The most common reason for this, however, is the most obvious: animals. People care about animals and don’t want to see them harmed. The animal agriculture industry slaughters over 56 billion farmed animals each year. It’s estimated that each person eating a standard diet consumes close to 200 animals per year. That’s 7,000 animals in a lifetime.”

Est. 1933


When the word “trendy” is mentioned, veganism isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Reports show that maybe it should be. Despite the common perception of those who abstain from animal products as lone hippies, smelling of patchouli and organic tofu, more people than ever are following a vegan diet.

According to The Vegetarian Times, 3.2 percent of Americans follow a vegetarian diet. That adds up to around 7.3 million people in the US alone. Even more-around 7 percent of Americans identify as “flexitarian”: a person who consumes less meat than they would on a standard diet.

Young people in particular seem to be most inclined towards meat-free meals. Nearly half of all vegans are under the age of 34, while only 14 percent are over 65 years old. So why is veganism so popular with the younger crowd? It may have to do…

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