Kiwi to American

uni | university/college “She’s in her third year of uni.” also college campus, e.g. “I’m going to uni to do some studying today.” 
boot | trunk (of a car)
chips | fries
crisps | chips
courgette | zucchini
capsicum | bell pepper
dairy | convenience store/corner store
kumara | sweet potato
heaps | a lot, also very “We were heaps hungry, so we had heaps of chips with our veggie burgers.”
keen | want
sweet as | really great, or everything’s okay — can also replace the “sweet” with most any other adjective – e.g. “easy as” means super easy
togs | bathing suit
jandals | flip-flops
jumper | sweater or sweatshirt
tramping | hiking/backpacking

Kiwi = bird or person who lives in New Zealand! The fruit is not a kiwi; it is a kiwifruit. This is important. We don’t eat kiwis.