Kiwi to American

As an American-born globetrotter spending much of her early twenties in Aotearoa, New Zealand, my speaking and writing tends to be a mix of different types of English 🙂 I hope this is ultimately a strenth, for my students to get exposed to all different sorts of English and know that there is no one correct way to speak or write! Have more to add or anything you’re confused about? Please pop a note in the comments 🙂

boot | trunk (of a car)
chips (or hot chips) | french fries
crisps | American chips (crunchy)
courgette | zucchini
capsicum | bell pepper
dairy | convenience store/corner store
heaps | a lot, also very “We were heaps hungry, so we had heaps of chips with our veggie burgers.”
jandals | flip-flops
jumper | sweater or sweatshirt
Kiwi: a kiwi bird (photo below), or person from Aotearoa, New Zealand! The fruit is not a kiwi; it is a kiwifruit. This is important. We don’t eat Kiwis.
kumara | sweet potato
(to be) keen | (to) want – e.g. “We’re off to make Black Lives Matter signs for the rally this weekend. Are you keen to come along?” “Yeah, I’m keen! Thanks for inviting me.” 
sweet as | really great, or everything’s okay — can also replace the “sweet” with most any other adjective – e.g. “easy as” means super easy
togs | bathing suit
tramping | hiking/backpacking
uni | university/college “She’s in her third year of uni.” also college campus, e.g. “I’m going to uni to do some studying today.”