On Reading and Writing Poetry with Children

  • Hulme, Joy N.; Guthrie, Donna W. How to Write, Recite, and Delight in All Kinds of Poetry.
  • Mazer, Anne; Potter, Ellen. Spilling Ink: A Young Writer’s Handbook.
    • In fun, conversational prose, Mazer and Potter write a book addressing young writers in a way that feels as if they are sitting right next to you. They acknowledge the trials and frustrations of first drafts, and introduce freewriting in no-nonsense, playful terms: “Keep on going. See what happens. You’re writing! Don’t get dizzy…” 
  • New Moon: Writing. New Moon Books Editorial Board. New York: Crown Publishers Ink, 2000.
    • A guide for young female-identified writers.
  • New Moon Poetry
    • New Moon is an international magazine and secure web community created for girls, by girls, that seeks to promote dialogue and creative thinking on a wider range of issues than the more common themes pushed at girls today: how to get the “perfect” body and how to attract men. New Moon publishes young girls’ poetry from around the world to share voices on a range of subjects to inspire critical thought and cultural awareness. Browsing through these poems is a great way to review other forms of poetry by your peers, and any girl under eighteen can submit your own poetry to be published any time. There’s nothing like seeing your name in print! The one issue I have with this publication is it excludes non-gender-binary kids. Still, I think it is a great resource for female-identified youth who definitely need support in this media-infused culture. I’d like to open dialogue on how to address this issue, making space for a minority group without causing other minorities to feel marginalized. 
  • Teen Ink Poetry
    • Teen Ink is a magazine and website created by teens for teens specifically for writing, sharing, publishing your work. Open to all ages thirteen through nineteen. Free sample and submission guidelines at http://www.teenink.com/Current/TeenInkSample.pdf.

–> More Resources!

On Philosophy for Children

Poetry to Read and Discuss


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