On Philosophy for Children


  • Cam, Philip; Fynes-Clinton, Liz; Harrison, Kathlyn; Hinton, Lynne; Scholl, Rosie, and Vaseo, Simon. Philosophy With Young Children: A Classroom Handbook.I adore this book for its philosophical content and all of its fantastic hands-on activity suggestions!
  • McCarty, Marietta. Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids.
  • Worley, Peter. Philosophical Enquiry in the Classroom.
  • Worley, Peter. Once Upon an If: The Storytelling Handbook.
  • Wartenberg, Thomas E. Big Ideas for Little Kids.
  • Wartenberg, Thomas E. A Sneetch Is a Sneetch: And Other Philosophical Discoveries.


  • Teaching Children Philosophy Professor Thomas Wartenberg, with his students at Mount Holyoke College, have developed a fabulous collection of Book Modules to support philosophical inquiry through picture books. They include discussion plans with background and discussion of the philosophical content of each book.
  • Philosophy for Children New Zealand offers a members area with countless activities and stimuli to get your group going with philosophical inquiry.
  • The Philosophy Man A free, weekly bulletin of resources of all sorts.
  • Philosophy for Children at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • The Institute for Humane Education Resource CenterIHE offers a massive selection of lesson plans and activities, books, websites, and more to get children and young adults actively engaged in critical thinking and social change. The database is searchable by recommended age level, type of resource, and subject/issue.

–> More Resources!

On Reading and Writing Poetry with Children

Poetry to Read and Discuss

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